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The new HL-2500FX Amplifier
(Available Oct, 2013)

Tokyo Hy-Power HL-2500FX

Typical output power is 1.5 kW PEP/SSB on HF (1kW on 50MHz) with the drive power of 85-90 Watts!

More details will be available soon!

The new HC-1500AT Tuner


The HC-1500AT is a compact HF/50MHz band high power auto antenna tuner with a maximum power handling capability of 1.5kW. The tuner fully integrates with Tokyo Hy-Power Linear amps such as the HL-1.5KFX, HL-2.5KFX, HL-2500FX etc.

More information will be available soon!

THP events will be posted as they become available.

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